Are you in the Mode for Aperitivo?

Are you in the Mode for Aperitivo?
August 27, 2018 ModeFS

Pull up a plush bar stool, sip and savour on classic cocktails and small bites inspired by the flavours of Florence and created by Head Chef Francesco Mannelli.
This month’s highlight – Negroni. The history of the Negroni stems back to the 1920s, where Count Camillo Negroni sat in a bar in Florence, Italy and requested Gin to be added to his usual cocktail of Vermouth Cinzano and Bitter Campari. Enjoy our take on the classic Negroni best savoured with Panelle.

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Aperol Spritz 12
Prosecco, Aperol, soda & orange
Venice, Italy beginning of ‘900

Mojito 12
Rum, lime juice, fresh
mint & soda
Havana, Cuba circa 1650

Americano 12
Vermouth, Campari & soda
Born in Milan, Italy 1860

Negroni 12
Vermouth, Gin & Campari
Born in Florence, Italy 1919

Margarita 14
Tequila, lime juice, Cointreau
Born in Tijuana, Mexico
beginning of ‘900

Mode G&T 15
Archie Rose Dry Gin & dirty tonic
Born in India, by British colony,
circa 1700


Pizza fritta, burrata, tomato 8
Fried pizza dough,
tomato salsa, basil,
fresh burrata

Schiacciata prosciutto & fichi  8
Wood fire focaccia,
prosciutto San daniele, fresh figs

Crostone & guanciale  8
Grilled focaccia, cured pork cheek, oregano

Panelle  8
Chickpea fritters,
lemon & black pepper

Gamberetti fritti  12
Salt & pepper school prawns, lime mayo

Mortadella  & pane carasau  14
Thinly sliced mortadella, pickled chili, crispy flatbread