Champagne & Caviar Offer

Champagne & Caviar Offer
October 10, 2019 ModeFS

Festive indulgence with one of the most iconic and palette pleasing pairings of all time; Caviar and Champagne.

Sterling White Caviar – harvested from more mature white Sturgeon, Sterling White caviar is characterised by a larger, firmed bead that bursts with an intensely rich and nutty flavour that will delight the caviar connoisseur. Colour ranges from get black to light grey and cream, from dark olive to gold.

Russian Oscietra Calvisius – fresh caviar is prepared from the roe of the pure Russian sturgeon.  The Oscietra caviar has historically been considered one of the most sought-after foods in the world, a precious and valuable caviar, second only to the Beluga.

Siberian Sturgeon – the taste is subtle, fresh and multifaceted, internationally acclaimed connoisseurs and chefs have spoken of the sheer delight of this product regarding it to be matching and even surpassing the texture and flavour of wild, high quality Siberian Oscietra.

Black Pearl Beluga Caviar – Beluga caviar is the most famous of all caviars.  Beluga comes from the ‘Huso Huso’ Sturgeon, the largest of all sturgeon species.  The Huso Huso Sturgeon is native to the Black and Caspian Seas, can live up to 120 years old, and grow to over 1 tonne in weights.  The largest one caught to date weighed over 1.5 tonnes.

Piper Heidsieck Brut NV – with its distinctive red label, this has established itself as one of the most reliable champagnes at the lower priced end of the market. Has excellent fine mousse and a complex bouquet of ripe fruit and yeasty brioche, the refined palate tightening the game with fresh apple and ripe citrus fruit, then a pleasingly dry finish

Louis Roederer Brut NV – Meringue-like bouquet, not overtly yeasty or bready, but fresh and fruit-driven. The palate is very fine with an abundance of floral flavours; small flowers and spices galore, the palate creamy textured and finishing fairly dry with superb balance. The acidity is high, but you don’t feel it. A very appetising, refreshing NV style.

Ruinart blanc de blancs NV – Made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is smooth and rounded on the palate. A balanced wine with a beautiful luminous pale gold colour, enhanced by the elegance of the clear bottle.

Dom Perignon 2008 – Dom Pérignon is vintage champagne only. Each Vintage wine is created from the finest grapes grown in one single year. Reinventing itself by interpreting the unique character of the seasons. Daring not to release a Vintage if the harvest does not meet its ideal. After at least eight years of elaboration in the cellars, the wine then embodies the perfect balance of Dom Pérignon, its greatest promise. This is Dom Pérignon Vintage, the Plénitude of harmony.


Sterling White Caviar 10g Tin                70
Russian Oscietra Calvisius 10g Tin       90
Siberian Sturgeon 20g Tin                      170
Black Pearl Beluga Caviar 30g Tin        300

Piper Heidsieck Brut NV                          23/99
Louis Roederer Brut NV                           28/130
Ruinart blanc de blancs NV                     240
Dom Perignon 2008                                  480

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