Celebrate Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day
April 23, 2021 ModeFS

If you’re thinking of giving Mum a bunch of flowers this Mother’s Day, go a step further and surprise her with an edible flower arrangement.

The beautifully arranged dessert, “Mum’s Rose Tart”, has petals of silky-smooth raspberry Chantilly laid on a crisp base of almond frangipane, and delicately flavoured with lychee and rosewater.

This delicious dessert is available with the Mother’s Day set lunch and dinner menu on 9 May, featuring three courses with a wide choice of appetizers, mains, side dishes and desserts for $100 per person.

Mother’s Day High Tea is also available from 2 to 5pm featuring a harpist performance and a complimentary gift for Mum valued at $50.