Taste of Australia | Native menu

Taste of Australia | Native menu
August 27, 2018 ModeFS

Paying tribute to the rich and rare beauties of our land, Mode Kitchen & Bar’s three-course native menu is a fusion of local meat, seafood and bush botanicals which combine to define Australian flavour.

With every bite diners will experience profiles characterised by our unique conditions, each telling a story of their sunburnt country.

From freshly caught Moreton Bay bugs to Tasmanian kangaroo loin, the menu showcases top selections that are exclusive to Australia. The inclusion of traditional indigenous herbs such as muntries and warrigal pays homage to our heritage and invites us to explore different flavour pairings.

Available 27 August – 30 September for $80 per person, Mode Kitchen & Bar’s native menu is more than a meal. It is an experience of cultural connectivity. Book now or contact us for more details.




Moreton bay bug, kelp butter & karkalla 32


Raw of Yamba king prawns, green tomatoes & muntries 28


Tasmanian pepper crumb Kangaroo loin & sautéed warrigal 42


Applebush, white chocolate & macadamia 16



The Land Down Under

Archie Rose vodka, spiced syrup, pepperberry syrup, lime juice, ginger beer 25

Lady In White

Archie Rose signature dry gin, finger lime, sugar syrup, lemon myrtle, egg white, Cointreau, lemon juice 25


Archie Rose Vodka, Mr. Black, Baileys, vanilla syrup, chocolate bitters, Patron XO, double espresso, soda water 25