Embracing classic cocktails with fervour.

Pull up a plush velvet stool at our central bar and make friends with our list of signature classic cocktails, executed exceptionally well. Or choose from our ever-changing list of great wines by the glass, pairing perfectly with our delicious bar snacks.

Bar Snacks

Sydney Rock oysters, white balsamic vinaigrette 30/58
Marinated olives, orange & fennel seed 8
Polenta chips, garlic & chilli mayonnaise 18
Wagyu skewer, balsamico & onion 18
Vol au vent, lemon, chives, salmon roe & caviar 20

Sandwich & Light Bites
Truffle cheese toastie 18
Steak sandwich, rocket, onion & mustard 24
Fried calamari & tartare sauce 18
Confit tomato & stracciatella tart, fresh thyme 25
Kingfish crudo, saffron vinaigrette & cucumber 28

Sweets & Desserts
Frozen Pavlova, pear, green apple, cucumber 22
Strawberries & cream, compressed watermelon 20
Gin baba, Tasmanian cherries & Chantilly cream 19
Chocolate mousse, hazelnuts & raspberry sorbet 19
Ice cream & sorbet 6
Mode Moka affogato, vanilla ice cream 12
Cheese plate & seasonal condiments 22

Signature Cocktails


 Caffe Negroni
Widges gin, Campari, Mancino rosso, Mr Black Amaro

 Mancino Spritz
Lillet Blanc, Apricot Brandy, Peychaud’s bitters & tonic

Carribean Garden
Plantation original dark rum, Grand Marnier, Prosecco,
fresh lime, mint & cucumber

Michter’s US 1 Rye, Monkey 47 Sloe Gin, Apricot Brandy, egg white,
lemon & grenadine syrup

Clarified Continental Sour
Mitchter’s US 1, Becherovka, lemon & Balthazar Shiraz

La Bonne Vie
Widges gin, orange bitter, fresh grapefruit juice,
lime & basil

Beers & Cider

Beers & Cider 12

Stella Artois Draught
4 Pines, Pale Ale Draught
Lord Nelson, Pale Ale
4 Pines, Kolsch
White Rabbit, Dark Ale 
The Hills Cider Co. Apple Cider
Sydney Beer, Lager

Heineken Zero Alcohol 10