Embracing classic cocktails with fervour.

Pull up a plush velvet stool at our central bar and make friends with our list of signature classic cocktails, executed exceptionally well. Or choose from our ever-changing list of great wines by the glass, pairing perfectly with our delicious bar snacks.

Bar Snacks

Marinated olives, fennel seed & oregano   8

Half dozen/Dozen Sydney Rock oysters with ponzu vinaigrette   30/58

Salt & pepper school prawns, lime mayo   12

Fried Hawkesbury River calamari, chilli & lemon  16

Mortadella, pickled mushroom & grilled focaccia   15

Truffle & cheddar sourdough toasty   18

Polenta chips & truffle mayo   16

Australian cheeses & seasonal condiments   20

Signature Cocktails

Widges Garden – Widges Gin, St. Germain, lime juice, mint & tonic 22

Smokey Pulp – Naked Grouse, Laphroig 10YO, Curacao, Fernet Branca, housemade orange compote, lemon juice 22

Pineapple Sazerac – Plantation Pineapple Rum, Peychudes’ Bitters, Angoustura, Absinth 22

Mode G&T – Archie Rose Dry Gin, Curacao, cardamon tincture, smoked lemonade syrup and tonic 22

Beers & Cider

Stella Artois Draught   10

4 Pines Draught    10

Lord Nelson Pale Ale    10

4 Pines, Kolsch   10

White Rabbit Dark Ale   10

The Hills Cider Co. Apple Cider   10

Stella Legera (acl 3.5%) 10